Bath time may be one of you and your dog’s most dreaded time. However, it does not have to be! If you learn how to properly bath your dogs it can become an easy task for both of you with little stress. In this article, we will discuss the best way to make it through bath time. If you really dread bath time, you can always take them to the professionals, places like PetSmart will bath your pet at the store for you.

First, it is best to find a location where you are both comfortable. For small dogs, a sink or bath tub is perfect. If you have a larger dog you may want to get a tub outside, but you do not want the water to be cold if you choose to do it outside. You can either fill the tub with hot water, or fill it and let it get warmed by the sun during the summer before you put your dog in. It is best to have all of your supplies ready that way you are not scrambling around during the bath trying to find the shampoo, this gives your dog a chance to escape. You will need shampoo, a brush (make sure you brush out your dog BEFORE and AFTER the bath), and a towel. Some owners like to wear an apron to try to prevent getting their clothes wet, but a word to the wise, you WILL get wet in some form or fashion. You need to ensure that the shampoo that you are using is for dogs and will not hurt their skin.

After you have gathered all of your supplies, it is time to begin the bath! The first thing that you want to do, is get your dog completely wet. If you are using the tub or sink, using your spray hose will be the easiest way to do this. Always check the water for yourself before you spray your dog, if it is hot to you, it will be hot for them. Try not to get water in your dog’s eyes or ears, this can cause him to hate bath time. If you are bathing your dog outside or do not have a hose available, using a large cup will work, it will just be more time consuming. The best way to hold your dog is right below his mouth and on his neck in order to control him in case he tries to run. Your dog will probably shake the water off as an instinct, like we said, you’re going to get wet.

The next step is to start shampooing! You will want to avoid his eyes and genital area as the shampoo will cause irritation. It is best to shampoo small areas at a time than to try to cover his entire body all at once. You want to shampoo him as you would shampoo yourself, so make sure you are using enough shampoo that it bubbles and is getting him really clean. Once you have applied the shampoo, you will want to scrub him for at least 5 minutes. You can massage your dog’s skin with the shampoo to ensure that you are getting it all the way through his coat. It is best to allow the shampoo to sit on the coat for a while before you rinse it, at least 10 minutes is good. Now it is time to rinse your dog. You will rinse him in a similar way as you did to get him wet. Again, avoid the face and ears. You need to ensure that you get all of the shampoo out just as you make sure you get it all out of your own hair. Leaving shampoo on your dog can irritate his skin and cause it to be dirty faster than you would like.

The last step is drying your dog! The second you stop messing with your dog and remove your hands from him, he is going to instinctively shake the water off. Lay a towel down to try to avoid as much of a mess. After he has finished drying himself, you can take the towel and try him off as much as you can. Many owners use blow dryers on their dogs, if your dog likes it, then go ahead, but make sure you are using a low heat to do so. As always, avoid his eyes and ears. After you have finished drying your dog, you need to brush him out again. If you reward your dog with a treat after bath time, they may learn to like it sooner. If you start a routine, bath time will become much easier for both of you.