Every dog is different, which means that choosing the right toy for your dogs can be a stressful task. You want to find a toy for your dog, but every toy you bring home, they want nothing to do with. This is not only stressful for you but also your bank account. We have found some tips that may help you find the right toy the first time. Playtime is important for building a relationship between you and your dog, allowing your dog to get exercise, and giving them something to do when you are not available to play with them. First of all, you do not want to get your new puppy with a ball that is made for a full grown German Shepard. Here are some tips when you are looking:

  • If a toy is too small, your dog may swallow it which could lead to choking or bowel issues.
  • Strings and elastic bands have the same effect, even though your dog may enjoy chasing these around.
  • You want toys that cannot be chewed apart and swallowed. Many owners give their dogs stuffed animals that their children no longer play with, not realizing how dangerous those plastic eyes and noses can be with their pet.
  • Once the toy starts falling apart, it needs to be replaced.

Most dogs love chasing things, a tennis ball is perfect. It is hard to tear part, although not impossible and your dog WIILL eventually figure out how, it is easy for them to pick up and bring back to you to throw again. However, like I said earlier, a standard tennis ball may be too big for your puppy at first, you can order mini tennis balls for your puppy.
Dogs also love to play catch with discs. They are relatively cheap and almost always a winning choice for your dog. It is best to get a disc that has a rope or softer material to protect your dog’s mouth and teeth.

Many dogs like playing with rubber bones and ropes. The ropes are fun for you and your dog as you both play tug of war to get it. Both of these toys will slide when you throw them, which keeps your dog on their toes when they fetch to try to find them. This is entertaining for both you and your dog.

There are toys that are made to have you insert a treat inside, this can keep your dog occupied for hours while they try to get them out. It also builds strength in their mouth because they are chewing, trying to remove the threat.

Squeaky toys may or may not be for your dog. I have seen many times that dogs just tear these apart or pay them no mind. Some dogs might be intimidated by the noise that they make, while others make just find them boring. This is one of those toys that you have to take a chance to see if it is something that your dog is into.

As we mentioned previously, dogs like stuffed animals. They may destroy them or they may love them and be attached to them. Many dogs will sleep with their stuffed animal as if it is their “teddy bear” like children do. It is best to get a stuffed animal that does not have any plastic parts or any other parts that are easy to chew off and swallow.

Many new owners bombard their dogs with a ton of toys. Thus, they are wasting money on some toys that their dog may never touch because they either do not like it or they do not like it as much as some of the other options they have. Either way, save your money, start with one toy at a time and find out what your dog likes and does not like.