The Havanese is often said to be affectionate, playful, gentle, and sociable. They bring joy to so many people and their owners love having them around. The Havanese may also be called by the name of Bichon Havanais, Havana Silk Dog, Bichon Havanese, which is why you may not have heard of this amazing dog yet. When we think about dogs, we often do not think of their blood line or where they came from, the Havanese descends from Blanquito De La Habana. The Havanese may be a member of your family from anywhere between 12 and 15 years, giving you plenty of time to love them! The Havanese belongs to the Toy breed group due to many factors that resulted in them being put into this group. The Havanese may be just the small dog that you are looking for, it has a high ranking in popularity, which is a great sign. The Havanese may be the perfect dog for your lifestyle, continue reading to learn more and help you decide if this is the small dog for you!

Body Characteristics

The Havanese is a sturdy long body with strong legs and curved tail small dog with a Medium length tail that could be the perfect addition to your family! The Havanese, or Bichon Havanais, Havana Silk Dog, Bichon Havanese, varies in height from anywhere between 8in to 11in, which may be a deciding factor for many who are looking into this small dog. The Havanese can weigh between 7lbs to 13lbs making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a Medium small dog! Those who are looking for a small dog with a Long, profuse and can be wavy to curly to corded type coat, should look no further because this is the dog for them. Those who are looking to buy one of the Havanese will find that they are available in the colors of any color, including cream, gold, white, silver, or blue and black.


The Havanese is above average when it comes to intelligence, it may learn things very fast and shock you at what it can do. The Havanese is excellent when it comes to training. It learns a lot of tricks and skills in a short time with little effort. The Havanese is a playful dog that may keep you busy all day, it is a great dog for children. The Havanese is average in the energy category, it can be both equally energetic and lazy which is actually the perfect medium. The Havanese is VERY affectionate and needs lots of love and attention, you will never be lonely with this small dog in your home. Infants? Toddlers? No problem, the Havanese is amazing with children, no matter the size, this small dog will fit right into your family. The Havanese is very good with new people and will adapt quickly to meeting them which will take loads of stress off you shoulders. The Havanese is below average as a watchdog, if you decide to go with this dog and are worried about protection, you may want to consider an alarm system. If you want to have a home with multiple dogs, the Havanese will be a great addition to your family as it gets along so well with other dogs. The Havanese is above average when it comes to cats, it will more than likely always like them but on occasion it may meet a cat that it is not so friendly with.


The Havanese sheds quite a bit, it would do fine as an outside dog, but inside your home will need to be swept often if you choose this dog. If you suffer from allergies but still wish to own a dog, the Havanese is the perfect choice as it is hypoallergenic. The Havanese requires a lot of grooming for its Long profuse and can be wavy to curly to corded coat, you will spend quite a bit of money and time on doing this. The Havanese may get sick on occasion, just as any human, but it will be bearable and you will love your time with this dog. If you are looking to bring the Havanese into your home, some of the health problems you might have to encounter include Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, and Deafness. The Havanese, like all dogs, will need to have routine visits to the vet and groomer, the upkeep for this dog is $1300 per year.