The Japanese Spitz is a small dog that will bring many years of joy and happiness into your life, you will not regret choosing this dog. This small dog may often be called by the name of Nihon Supittsu, rather than its common breed name of Japanese Spitz. When we think about dogs, we often do not think of their blood line or where they came from, the Japanese Spitz descends from Samoyed. The Japanese Spitz is a great choice of small dog for your home as they will be around for 10 to 16 years! According the the American Kennel Club, the Japanese Spitz is part of the Non-sporting breed group, which allows you to find other dogs that are similar to them. The Japanese Spitz may be just what you are looking for in a pet, with a four-star rating, it does not get much better than this small dog. The Japanese Spitz may be the perfect dog for your lifestyle, continue reading to learn more and help you decide if this is the small dog for you!

Body Characteristics

The Japanese Spitz is a strong, sturdy square build with a deep chest and small, and pointed ears small dog with a Long length tail that could be the perfect addition to your family! The Japanese Spitz, or Nihon Supittsu, varies in height from anywhere between 12in to 15in, which may be a deciding factor for many who are looking into this small dog. The Japanese Spitz can weigh between 11lbs to 20lbs making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a Medium small dog! The Japanese Spitz has a Long coat that can often be described as heavy and thich outercoat with soft undercoat, making them perfect for being inside or outside pets. If you are looking into choosing the Japanese Spitz to join your family, you may find it with a coat in the colors of white.


The Japanese Spitz is above average when it comes to intelligence, it may learn things very fast and shock you at what it can do. The Japanese Spitz is above average in training, thus it may not be surprising to you when they learn special tricks like opening the door! The Japanese Spitz is a pretty playful dog, but it may have its moments of being lazy and wanting to lay around. The Japanese Spitz is average when it comes to energy, it may want to play for 12 hours a day and sleep 12 hours a day. The Japanese Spitz is VERY affectionate and needs lots of love and attention, you will never be lonely with this small dog in your home. The Japanese Spitz is above average with children, but if they do not leave it alone when it is not in the mood, then it may take a turn. It may take the Japanese Spitz some time to get to know new people, but when it does it will win them over with its playful, high-spirited, intelligent, and loyal personality. The Japanese Spitz is a wonderful watch dog, you can sleep safe knowing that this small dog will let you know when there is danger. It may take a lot of time and maybe a few dog fights, but with time the Japanese Spitz can become accustomed to other dogs. When it comes to cats, the Japanese Spitz it will cause you a lot of stress to bring this dog into a home with cats.


Many people love the Japanese Spitz very much, but the amount of shedding deters them from choosing this pet to live in their home. The Japanese Spitz is not hypoallergenic, it may not be a good choice for those who have a lot of allergies, especially to dogs. If you are looking for a dog that does not require a lot of grooming, than the Japanese Spitz is not a good choice for you. The Japanese Spitz is above average when it comes to health, it will have less issues than some others, like the Puli, Bedlington Terrier, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If you are looking to bring the Japanese Spitz into your home, some of the health problems you might have to encounter include Patellar Luxation. The upkeep for the Japanese Spitz can cost you up to an estimate of $1300 each year for grooming, vet visits, food, ect.