The Norfolk Terrier is a small dog that will bring many years of joy and happiness into your life, you will not regret choosing this dog. When we think about dogs, we often do not think of their blood line or where they came from, the Norfolk Terrier descends from Border Terriers, Cairn Terriers, and Irish Terriers. The Norfolk Terrier can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years, giving everyone around them a lasting experience with their alert, nimble, loyal, courageous, and affectionate personality! The Norfolk Terrier belongs to the Terrier breed group, which allows you to easily find other small dogs that are similar to this one. The Norfolk Terrier is a popular small dog, this allows you to know that you are making the right decision if you decide to purchase it. The Norfolk Terrier may be the perfect dog for your lifestyle, continue reading to learn more and help you decide if this is the small dog for you!

Body Characteristics

The Norfolk Terrier is a Small size small dog with a build described as strong and sturdy with a slightly rounded head and a wedge-shaped muzzle, making it the perfect dog for your home. The Norfolk Terrier can weight anywhere between 11lbs and 12lbs, but as with all animals, if they do not get their exercise they may exceed the average maximum. Those who are looking for a small dog with a Medium, wiry outer coat and a soft and downy undercoat type coat, should look no further because this is the dog for them. If you are looking into choosing the Norfolk Terrier to join your family, you may find it with a coat in the colors of red, wheaten, tan, black and tan, or grizzle.


The Norfolk Terrier is a very intelligent small dog, as a result training it will be faster and easier than a less intelligent dog.
If you are looking for a small dog that is fast to train with little effort, then the Norfolk Terrier is the dog for you. The Norfolk Terrier is an extremely playful small dog that is full of energy and always ready for you to throw that ball! The Norfolk Terrier is full of energy, which means that you will never have a dull moment with this small dog! The Norfolk Terrier is a very affectionate small dog that will want to spend a lot of its time cuddled up with you. The Norfolk Terrier is the perfect dog to have in a home where there are children as this breed is great with kids. The Norfolk Terrier is a very friendly dog so it does well when meeting new people, but if it is tired or annoyed it may take some time. The Norfolk Terrier is above average as a watchdog, it will, in most cases, try to ward off intruders and let you know of their presence. The Norfolk Terrier does great in multiple dog homes, it will grow to be best friends with the other dogs in your life. When it comes to cats, the Norfolk Terrier it will cause you a lot of stress to bring this dog into a home with cats.


Many people love the Norfolk Terrier very much, but the amount of shedding deters them from choosing this pet to live in their home. The Norfolk Terrier is hypoallergenic and is a great dog for those who have allergies but still want a pet. The Norfolk Terrier requires little grooming, thus you will have more time and money to put towards other things for your small dog. If you are looking for a dog that will have minimal health issues, the Norfolk Terrier is a great choice as is above average when it comes to health. As with all living things, there are some health issues that we may encounter, for the Norfolk Terrier these issues include Patellar Luxation and Canine Hip Dysplasia. The Norfolk Terrier, like all dogs, will need to have routine visits to the vet and groomer, the upkeep for this dog is $1200 per year.