The Phalene is often said to be happy, lively, outgoing, and affectionate. They bring joy to so many people and their owners love having them around. The Phalene may also be called by the name of Dwarf Spaniels, which is why you may not have heard of this amazing dog yet. The Phalene comes from a line of descendants that may surprise you which includes Toy Spaniel. The Phalene can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years, giving everyone around them a lasting experience with their happy, lively, outgoing, and affectionate personality! According the the American Kennel Club, the Phalene is part of the Toy breed group, which allows you to find other dogs that are similar to them. Many people have found that they love the Phalene while others have not found this dog to be as great. The Phalene may be the perfect dog for your lifestyle, continue reading to learn more and help you decide if this is the small dog for you!

Body Characteristics

The Phalene is a Small size small dog with a build described as wide, pointy ears, and long neck with well-sprung ribs, making it the perfect dog for your home. The Phalene can be as short as 8in or up to as big as 11in, making it the perfect size! The Phalene can weigh between 8lbs to 10lbs making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a Small small dog! The Phalene is a small dog with a Long, feathered, silky, and straight type coat, which make it a great indoor and outdoor companion. Those who are looking at this small dog will find the Phalene with a beautiful coat in the colors of white with patches of black, lemon, red, tan, brown, or sable.


The Phalene is a very smart dog that will always surprise you with the things it may learn how to do. The Phalene is known to be very easy to train without much effort and time being put into the training. The Phalene is a pretty playful dog, but it may have its moments of being lazy and wanting to lay around. The Phalene is full of energy, which means that you will never have a dull moment with this small dog! If you want a dog that will follow you everywhere you go and show you how much they love you, then the Phalene dog is for you. The Phalene is a good dog around children, especially ones that it knows and loves, but as all species, it may become annoyed on occasion. The Phalene is average with new people, as a result it may either love them or hate them, it is hard to tell what will make the difference. The Phalene is average at being a watchdog, it could either do really well or not even care depending on its mood. It may take a lot of time and maybe a few dog fights, but with time the Phalene can become accustomed to other dogs. The Phalene is average when it comes to being around cats, it may love them or hate them.


The Phalene sheds quite a bit, it would do fine as an outside dog, but inside your home will need to be swept often if you choose this dog. When it comes to allergies, the Phalene is not a good choice to bring into a home with those who are allergic. When it comes to grooming, the Phalene is above average, you will not have to spend as much time and effort grooming this dog as you would with others. The Phalene is above average when it comes to health, it will have few issues which will save you money and stress. If you are looking to bring the Phalene into your home, some of the health problems you might have to encounter include Kneecap Problems and Joint Problems. The upkeep for the Phalene can cost you up to an estimate of $1200 each year for grooming, vet visits, food, ect.