The Pomeranian is often said to be playful, friendly, active, intelligent, and sociable. They bring joy to so many people and their owners love having them around. The Pomeranian, which may also be referred to as Zwergspitz, (Dwarf Spitz, Loulou, Pom, is a great small dog that you will easily fall in love with. The Pomeranian comes from a line of descendants that may surprise you which includes German Spitz. The Pomeranian can live anywhere from 12 to 16 years, giving everyone around them a lasting experience with their playful, friendly, active, intelligent, and sociable personality! According the the American Kennel Club, the Pomeranian is part of the Toy breed group, which allows you to find other dogs that are similar to them. Many who have owned the Pomeranian are very happy with their choice in small dog due to the playful, friendly, active, intelligent, and sociable personality that it has. If you feel like the Pomeranian may be the right fit for you, please continue reading to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Pomeranian is a Small size small dog with a build described as wedge-shaped head that is proportion with the body with small erect ears, making it the perfect dog for your home. The Pomeranian ranges in height from 7in up to as tall as 12in, which many feel is the perfect size for an inside dog. While weighing between 3lbs to 7lbs, the Pomeranian may be just the small dog breed that you are looking for. The Pomeranian has a Medium coat that can often be described as straight, harsh outer coat, soft, and thick undercoat, making them perfect for being inside or outside pets. Those who are looking to buy one of the Pomeranian will find that they are available in the colors of red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, black and tan, orange sable, brindle, or parti-color.


The Pomeranian is above average when it comes to intelligence, it may learn things very fast and shock you at what it can do. The Pomeranian is average when it comes to training, meaning that it can be trained, but maybe not to the extent that you would like. If you want a dog that can be equally playful and calm, then the Pomeranian would be perfect for you. When it comes to energy, the Pomeranian ranks as average, one day it might be the most energetic dog ever and the next it might want to sleep all day long. If you want a dog that will follow you everywhere you go and show you how much they love you, then the Pomeranian dog is for you. If you have a home that may occasionally have children, it is best to keep the Pomeranian in a separate room as they do not do well with kids. The Pomeranian is average with new people, as a result it may either love them or hate them, it is hard to tell what will make the difference. The Pomeranian is a wonderful watch dog, you can sleep safe knowing that this small dog will let you know when there is danger. The Pomeranian is below average when it comes to other dogs, it will not do well in a home where there are other dogs unless they grow up together. The Pomeranian is below average when it comes to being around cats, it is not a good choice if you have cats in your home.


Many people love the Pomeranian very much, but the amount of shedding deters them from choosing this pet to live in their home. The Pomeranian is not hypoallergenic, it will be very difficult for someone with allergies to live in a home with this dog. The Pomeranian will require a lot of grooming and additional cost, it can cost up to {upkeep} a year to keep this dog healthy and groomed. The Pomeranian is average when it comes to health, it may have some health issues but not more than the normal dog. If you are looking to bring the Pomeranian into your home, some of the health problems you might have to encounter include Allergies, Epilepsy, and Patellar Luxation. The Pomeranian, like all dogs, will need to have routine visits to the vet and groomer, the upkeep for this dog is $1200 per year.