The Rat Terrier is a small dog that will bring many years of joy and happiness into your life, you will not regret choosing this dog. The Rat Terrier, which may also be referred to as Feist, American Rat Terrier, is a great small dog that you will easily fall in love with. When we think about dogs, we often do not think of their blood line or where they came from, the Rat Terrier descends from Smooth Fox Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Beagle, and Whippet. The Rat Terrier may be a member of your family from anywhere between 13 and 18 years, giving you plenty of time to love them! The Rat Terrier belongs to the Terrier breed group due to many factors that resulted in them being put into this group. The Rat Terrier is a popular small dog, this allows you to know that you are making the right decision if you decide to purchase it. If you feel like the Rat Terrier may be the right fit for you, please continue reading to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Rat Terrier is a Small size small dog with a build described as well-muscled with a deep chest and strong shoulders and compact but meaty build and short of full-length tail, making it the perfect dog for your home. The Rat Terrier ranges in height from 13in up to as tall as 16in, which many feel is the perfect size for an inside dog. The Rat Terrier can weight anywhere between 4lbs and 35lbs, but as with all animals, if they do not get their exercise they may exceed the average maximum. The Rat Terrier has a Short coat that can often be described as smooth, dense, and shiny, making them perfect for being inside or outside pets. Those who are looking at this small dog will find the Rat Terrier with a beautiful coat in the colors of white, black with tan or rust, white and black or tan, red, lemon, blue, chocolate, or orange.


The Rat Terrier is a highly intelligent dog, which is great for owners who want an inside dog as they can leave the house knowing they will not come home to a disaster. The Rat Terrier is average in the training category, it can be trained at a decent rate and will be able to do at least the basics. The Rat Terrier is an extremely playful small dog that is full of energy and always ready for you to throw that ball! The Rat Terrier is average in the energy category, it can be both equally energetic and lazy which is actually the perfect medium. The Rat Terrier is a very affectionate small dog that will want to spend a lot of its time cuddled up with you. If you plan on having children, then the Rat Terrier is not a good choice for you as it does not do well around them. If you have a consistent flow of people in and out of your home, the Rat Terrier is not a good choice for you as it does not do well with strangers. The Rat Terrier is a wonderful watch dog, you can sleep safe knowing that this small dog will let you know when there is danger. It may take a lot of time and maybe a few dog fights, but with time the Rat Terrier can become accustomed to other dogs. The Rat Terrier is average when it comes to being around cats, it may love them or hate them.


The Rat Terrier does not shed a lot, however it will shed from time to time, but it should not be too extreme. The Rat Terrier is not hypoallergenic, it may not be a good choice for those who have a lot of allergies, especially to dogs. The Rat Terrier has a Short smooth, dense, and shiny coat that does not require a lot of grooming, it is a very low maintenance dog. When it comes to health, the Rat Terrier is average and will normally have minimal issues that most dogs will face. As with all living things, there are some health issues that we may encounter, for the Rat Terrier these issues include Allergies, Incorrect Bites, and Patellar Luxation. The upkeep for the Rat Terrier can cost you up to an estimate of $1100 each year for grooming, vet visits, food, ect.