The Scottish Terrier is a small dog that will bring many years of joy and happiness into your life, you will not regret choosing this dog. The Scottish Terrier, which may also be referred to as Scottie, Aberdeen Terrier, is a great small dog that you will easily fall in love with. If you want to know more about the dog you are looking into, it is best to start with their descendants, the Scottish Terrier descends from Terriers. The Scottish Terrier is a great choice of small dog for your home as they will be around for 11 to 13 years! The Scottish Terrier belongs to the Terrier breed group due to many factors that resulted in them being put into this group. Many people have found that they love the Scottish Terrier while others have not found this dog to be as great. If you like what you have read so far, the Scottish Terrier may be the perfect small dog for you, please continue reading and you may find your perfect pet!

Body Characteristics

The Scottish Terrier is known for its Small size, which may be a deciding factor for those searching for a small dog. The Scottish Terrier can be as short as 10in or up to as big as 11in, making it the perfect size! The Scottish Terrier can weight anywhere between 18lbs and 22lbs, but as with all animals, if they do not get their exercise they may exceed the average maximum. The Scottish Terrier is a small dog with a Long, wiry, hard, compact outer coat with a soft, and protective undercoat type coat, which make it a great indoor and outdoor companion. Those who are looking at this small dog will find the Scottish Terrier with a beautiful coat in the colors of black, wheaten, or brindle.


The Scottish Terrier is a highly intelligent dog, which is great for owners who want an inside dog as they can leave the house knowing they will not come home to a disaster. The Scottish Terrier is right in the middle of being easy and difficult to train, so it will be able to learn the important things that it needs to know. The Scottish Terrier is very playful, but can have its moments where it would rather lay around than play, but that will not be very often. The Scottish Terrier is full of energy, which means that you will never have a dull moment with this small dog! The Scottish Terrier is VERY affectionate and needs lots of love and attention, you will never be lonely with this small dog in your home. The Scottish Terrier is good around children, but can occasionally become annoyed with them and may want ti keep its distance. The Scottish Terrier is average when it comes to meeting new people, it is best to expect them to take time to warm up to the new people in their lives. If you are looking for a dog to make you feel safe, the Scottish Terrier is a great choice as it is a high rated watch dog. It may take a lot of time and maybe a few dog fights, but with time the Scottish Terrier can become accustomed to other dogs. The Scottish Terrier may grow to be best friends with cats, however, it will be very wary of them at first.


When it comes to shedding, the Scottish Terrier is moderate. It does shed, but it is not enough to affect your decision of purchasing this pet. The Scottish Terrier is great for those with allergies as it is hypoallergenic and will not affect those who have allergies. The Scottish Terrier requires a lot of grooming for its Long wiry, hard, compact outer coat with a soft, and protective undercoat coat, you will spend quite a bit of money and time on doing this. The Scottish Terrier is known for being healthy and living for up to {max_year} years, this is great for those who want an energetic, whole dog. If you are looking to bring the Scottish Terrier into your home, some of the health problems you might have to encounter include Scottie Cramp, Patellar Luxation, and Von Willebrand\’s Disease. The amount that you may spend on a dog for each year varies on the type of dog you get, the Scottish Terrier can cost you about $1200 per year.