The shetland sheepdog is a small dog that will bring many years of joy and happiness into your life, you will not regret choosing this dog. The shetland sheepdog may also be called by the name of Sheltie, which is why you may not have heard of this amazing dog yet. The shetland sheepdog comes from a line of descendants that may surprise you which includes Border Collies. The shetland sheepdog can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years, giving everyone around them a lasting experience with their lively, playful, alert, gentle, strong, and intelligent personality! According the the American Kennel Club, the shetland sheepdog is part of the Herding breed group, which allows you to find other dogs that are similar to them. The shetland sheepdog may be just the small dog that you are looking for, it has a high ranking in popularity, which is a great sign. If you feel like the shetland sheepdog may be the right fit for you, please continue reading to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The shetland sheepdog is a blunt wedge shaped head and small erect ears small dog with a Long length tail that could be the perfect addition to your family! The shetland sheepdog ranges in height from 13in up to as tall as 16in, which many feel is the perfect size for an inside dog. The shetland sheepdog can weight anywhere between 15lbs and 27lbs, but as with all animals, if they do not get their exercise they may exceed the average maximum. The shetland sheepdog has a Long coat that can often be described as harsh outer coat, soft, and tight undercoat, making them perfect for being inside or outside pets. Those who are looking to buy one of the shetland sheepdog will find that they are available in the colors of blue merle, sable, or black with various amounts of white or tan.


The shetland sheepdog is a highly intelligent dog, which is great for owners who want an inside dog as they can leave the house knowing they will not come home to a disaster. The shetland sheepdog is excellent when it comes to training. It learns a lot of tricks and skills in a short time with little effort. The shetland sheepdog is an extremely playful dog, but is also calm at times and may deny your request to play if it is not in the mood. The shetland sheepdog is full of energy, which means that you will never have a dull moment with this small dog! If you want a dog that will follow you everywhere you go and show you how much they love you, then the shetland sheepdog dog is for you. The shetland sheepdog may not want to be around children all the time, but it may be able to tolerate them on occasion. If you have a consistent flow of people in and out of your home, the shetland sheepdog is not a good choice for you as it does not do well with strangers. The shetland sheepdog is a wonderful watch dog, you can sleep safe knowing that this small dog will let you know when there is danger. The shetland sheepdog may not prefer to be around other dogs, but it is possible with time and patience that it can grow to like the other dogs around. It may some time, but the shetland sheepdog can come around to enjoy the company of cats, but it will take some effort.


If you are looking for a dog that does not shed very much, keep looking because the shetland sheepdog sheds like crazy. The shetland sheepdog is not hypoallergenic, it may not be a good choice for those who have a lot of allergies, especially to dogs. The shetland sheepdog requires a lot of grooming for its Long harsh outer coat, soft, and tight undercoat coat, you will spend quite a bit of money and time on doing this. The shetland sheepdog may get sick on occasion, just as any human, but it will be bearable and you will love your time with this dog. As with all living things, there are some health issues that we may encounter, for the shetland sheepdog these issues include Hypothyroidism, Canine Hip Dysplasia, and Dematomyositis. The shetland sheepdog, like all dogs, will need to have routine visits to the vet and groomer, the upkeep for this dog is $1100 per year.