The Shih Tzu is often said to be lively, playful, alert, and gentle. They bring joy to so many people and their owners love having them around. The Shih Tzu may also be called by the name of Chinese Lion Dog, Lion Dog, Chrysanthemum Dog, which is why you may not have heard of this amazing dog yet. When we think about dogs, we often do not think of their blood line or where they came from, the Shih Tzu descends from Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. The Shih Tzu may be a member of your family from anywhere between 10 and 16 years, giving you plenty of time to love them! The Shih Tzu belongs to the Toy breed group due to many factors that resulted in them being put into this group. The Shih Tzu is equally liked and disliked when it comes to popularity, this means that you may or may not love it. If you feel like the Shih Tzu may be the right fit for you, please continue reading to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Shih Tzu is known for its Medium size, which may be a deciding factor for those searching for a small dog. The Shih Tzu, or Chinese Lion Dog, Lion Dog, Chrysanthemum Dog, varies in height from anywhere between 9in to 10in, which may be a deciding factor for many who are looking into this small dog. The Shih Tzu can weigh between 9lbs to 16lbs making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a Medium small dog! The Shih Tzu is a small dog with a Long, silky and dense type coat, which make it a great indoor and outdoor companion. Those who are looking at this small dog will find the Shih Tzu with a beautiful coat in the colors of black, black and white, gray and white, or red and white.


The Shih Tzu is a highly intelligent dog, which is great for owners who want an inside dog as they can leave the house knowing they will not come home to a disaster. The Shih Tzu is right in the middle of being easy and difficult to train, so it will be able to learn the important things that it needs to know. If you are looking for a dog that is playful and will keep you entertained, then the Shih Tzu is the dog for you. The Shih Tzu does not have a lot of energy and may not be the best choice for you if you are looking for a play mate. The Shih Tzu is VERY affectionate and needs lots of love and attention, you will never be lonely with this small dog in your home. The Shih Tzu is average with children, which means that it may learn to love them or it may always try to keep its distance. If you want a friendly dog to take to the park without having to worry about strangers, then the Shih Tzu will be perfect for you. The Shih Tzu is above average when it comes to being a watch dog, it will try its best to keep your house safe. This dog is rated excellent with other dogs, the Shih Tzu dog is very friendly and open to meeting new friends! The Shih Tzu is above average when it comes to cats, it will more than likely always like them but on occasion it may meet a cat that it is not so friendly with.


Shedding is often a big factor in what dog to choose, the Shih Tzu sheds little to none at all and is an excellent choice. The Shih Tzu is great for those with allergies as it is hypoallergenic and will not affect those who have allergies. If you are looking for a pet that requires minimal grooming, then the Shih Tzu is not the dog for you. The Shih Tzu may get sick on occasion, just as any human, but it will be bearable and you will love your time with this dog. If you are looking to bring the Shih Tzu into your home, some of the health problems you might have to encounter include Allergies, Patellar Luxation, Eye Problems, and Ear Infections. The amount that you may spend on a dog for each year varies on the type of dog you get, the Shih Tzu can cost you about $1100 per year.