The Tibetan Spaniel is a small dog that will bring many years of joy and happiness into your life, you will not regret choosing this dog. If you want to know more about the dog you are looking into, it is best to start with their descendants, the Tibetan Spaniel descends from Tibbie. The Tibetan Spaniel can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years, giving everyone around them a lasting experience with their happy, intelligent, assertive, and independent personality! The Tibetan Spaniel belongs to the Non-sporting breed group, which allows you to easily find other small dogs that are similar to this one. The Tibetan Spaniel may be just the small dog that you are looking for, it has a high ranking in popularity, which is a great sign. If you feel like the Tibetan Spaniel may be the right fit for you, please continue reading to learn more about them!

Body Characteristics

The Tibetan Spaniel is known for its Small size, which may be a deciding factor for those searching for a small dog. The Tibetan Spaniel can be as short as 9in or up to as big as 10in, making it the perfect size! The Tibetan Spaniel can weigh between 9lbs to 15lbs making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a Small small dog! The Tibetan Spaniel is a small dog with a Medium, silky and smooth doublecoat type coat, which make it a great indoor and outdoor companion. If you are looking into choosing the Tibetan Spaniel to join your family, you may find it with a coat in the colors of any color or mixture of colors.


For those who are searching for an intelligent dog that will listen to commands, the Tibetan Spaniel is the dog for you! The Tibetan Spaniel is known to be very easy to train without much effort and time being put into the training. The Tibetan Spaniel is an extremely playful small dog that is full of energy and always ready for you to throw that ball! The Tibetan Spaniel is average when it comes to energy, it may want to play for 12 hours a day and sleep 12 hours a day. The Tibetan Spaniel is VERY affectionate and needs lots of love and attention, you will never be lonely with this small dog in your home. The Tibetan Spaniel is above average with children, but if they do not leave it alone when it is not in the mood, then it may take a turn. The Tibetan Spaniel is average with new people, as a result it may either love them or hate them, it is hard to tell what will make the difference. The Tibetan Spaniel is above average when it comes to being a watch dog, it will try its best to keep your house safe. If you want to have a home with multiple dogs, the Tibetan Spaniel will be a great addition to your family as it gets along so well with other dogs. The Tibetan Spaniel is above average when it comes to cats, it will more than likely always like them but on occasion it may meet a cat that it is not so friendly with.


When it comes to shedding, the Tibetan Spaniel is below average, your home will often be covered in dog hair and require additional work when cleaning. The Tibetan Spaniel is not hypoallergenic, it will be very difficult for someone with allergies to live in a home with this dog. If you are looking for a dog that does not require a lot of grooming, than the Tibetan Spaniel is not a good choice for you. If you are looking for a dog that will have minimal health issues, the Tibetan Spaniel is a great choice as is above average when it comes to health. Some of the health issues that you may be faced with when you welcome the Tibetan Spaniel into your life include Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Patellar Luxation. The amount that you may spend on a dog for each year varies on the type of dog you get, the Tibetan Spaniel can cost you about $1200 per year.